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Re: Issue with process names Christopher Stone Sun Feb 05 21:00:36 2012

On Feb 05, 2012, at 19:26, David Crowe wrote:
> I have found a strange thing in Lion with process names that are obtained 
> from "Finder" or "System Events" as "name of every process".
> Some important processes have a name that cannot be used in a <<tell 
> application "X">> statement. For example, the name of Adobe Acrobat Pro comes 
> out as "AdobeAcrobat" and "FileMaker Pro Advanced" comes out as "FileMaker 
> Pro".


Hey David,

Unfortunately I don't have those apps to test with.

So far I'm not seeing any apps on my system (10.7.3) where the process name is 
not the same as the app-name, so I can't confirm the problem at present.

One possible way around the issue:

tell application "Finder"
        set bundleID to bundle identifier of processes whose has scripting 
terminology is true ¬
                and name contains "BBEdit"
end tell

using terms from application "BBEdit"
        if bundleID is not {} then
                set bundleID to item 1 of bundleID
                tell application id bundleID
                        set newDoc to make new text document
                        set text of newDoc to "This is a test!"
                end tell
                # Fail
                return false
        end if
end using terms from

You've rebooted and tested again to confirm your results?

Please take the time to file a bug if you haven't already done so.

I haven't monkeyed with tell application id bundle-id for quite some time, and 
it amazes me that it's necessary to include using terms from to make it compile 
the app's terminology.  I would think by now it would be a fully synonymous 
with tell app "app-name".

Best Regards,

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