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Re: Ghost Comments Iurista GmbH Fri Feb 17 23:00:11 2012

Am 18.02.2012 um 00.46 schrieb Luther Fuller:

> While working on a script this afternoon, I noticed something that shouldn't 
> happen.
> So, I wrote this quick test script (in 10.6.8) to discover what was happening 
> ...
> set deskAlias to (path to desktop)
> tell application "Finder"
>       if exists folder "TEST" of deskAlias then
>               (folder "TEST" of deskAlias) as alias as text
>               tell application "System Events" to delete disk item the result
>       end if
>       delay 1
>       set newFolder to (make new folder at deskAlias with properties 
> {name:"TEST"}) as alias
>       delay 1
>       get comment of newFolder
>       display dialog the result buttons {"OK"} default button 1
> end tell
> After the first run, you will have a folder "TEST" on your desktop.
> Get Info for this folder and enter some text in the comment field. Close Get 
> Info.
> Now run this script again, and again, and ...
> Every time it runs, it displays the text you entered in the comment field.
> Yet the folder and presumably its comment have been deleted on each run.
> The fix is to use this:
>       set newFolder to (make new folder at deskAlias with properties 
> {name:"TEST", comment:""}) as alias
> Anyone have an explanation?

The comment is stored in the invisible file .DS_Store. The Finder does not 
update this file so quickly. 
Therefore, when you delete an item with comment (file or folder, btw) and 
establish (more or less immediately) a new item of the same class and with same 
name, the comment stay as it is. I use this for example with applications, to 
which I add comment. Replacing or updating manually  the app file quickly 
allows me to preserve the comment.
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