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Re: Ghost Comments Jon Pugh Sat Feb 18 00:00:14 2012

On Feb 17, 2012, at 3:46 PM, Luther Fuller wrote:
> While working on a script this afternoon, I noticed something that shouldn't 
> happen.
> So, I wrote this quick test script (in 10.6.8) to discover what was happening 
> ...
> set deskAlias to (path to desktop)
> tell application "Finder"
>       if exists folder "TEST" of deskAlias then
>               (folder "TEST" of deskAlias) as alias as text
>               tell application "System Events" to delete disk item the result
>       end if
>       delay 1
>       set newFolder to (make new folder at deskAlias with properties 
> {name:"TEST"}) as alias
>       delay 1
>       get comment of newFolder
>       display dialog the result buttons {"OK"} default button 1
> end tell
> After the first run, you will have a folder "TEST" on your desktop.
> Get Info for this folder and enter some text in the comment field. Close Get 
> Info.
> Now run this script again, and again, and ...
> Every time it runs, it displays the text you entered in the comment field.
> Yet the folder and presumably its comment have been deleted on each run.
> The fix is to use this:
>       set newFolder to (make new folder at deskAlias with properties 
> {name:"TEST", comment:""}) as alias
> Anyone have an explanation?

The comments are not stored in the folder, so they are not deleted when the 
folder is.  

In the old days comments were stored in the Desktop Database.  Presumably now 
they’re stored in some plist file, which is not directly associated with the 
folder itself.  So the folder can be deleted and recreated and the comments 
will remain, inaccessible when the folder does not exist, but present whenever 
the folder does exist.


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