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Re: [Aseba-user] Connecting Aseba Studio to e-pucks Muriel Bowie Mon Sep 27 04:00:12 2010

>> Philippe, did we change anything in aseba that would make thi last year
>> code for the e-puck incompatible?
> Nothing of which I do remember.
> And anyway if it was an aseba incompatibility Studio would warn the user about
> it.

Ok, thank you.

when running asebaswitch, the output I get is:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/opt/aseba$ ./switch/asebaswitch -v ser:device=/dev/rfcomm1
[Mon Sep 27 06:05:53 2010 412] Incoming connection from ser:device=/dev/rfcomm1

But when starting asebastudio, the serial section is empty. Is there a
way to manually force the content of the serial section?


key :: 0x6070C31A

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