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Re: atom license extension (Re: [cc-tab] *important* heads up) Karl Dubost Sat Sep 09 15:46:26 2006

Le 7 sept. 06 à 01:29, John Panzer a écrit :
This is a critical point. Without this, implementors cannot safely ignore licenses they don't understand (falling back to things like "fair use" if they can't find any licenses that grant additional copying rights). This means that implementors would likely have to drop feeds containing new licenses on the floor, meaning that new license schemes would never be deployed.

People with legal background will confirm or not, but "fair use" doesn't exist in the same way in all countries.

Offering a mechanism to provide licensing information is good.
Encouraging a *legal* fallback mechanism is bad, very bad.

IMHO, when the implementors do not understand the licenses, they have no rights to do things with content (because it's highly dependant of local laws)

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