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Re: Next page links at the end of a feed eric scheid Fri May 21 04:00:19 2010

On 21/5/10 10:06 AM, "Pablo Castro" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> The Atom spec requires all the atom:link elements in a feed to come before the
> actual entries (section 4.1.1 of the RFC).


The only time the spec references the question of significance of order of
child elements (eg. atom:entry in atom:feed, child elements of atom:entry,
child elements in a Person construct, etc) it is quite clear that no
significance is assigned.

In context of RFCs, the "exception proves the rule" doctrine does not apply.

Note too that the RELAX NG expressions in the spec are _informative_ only,
and not _normative_.

   "Some sections of this specification are illustrated with fragments of
    a non-normative RELAX NG Compact schema. However, the text of this
    specification provides the definition of conformance."

Since the _text_ spells out no MAY SHOULD MUST specification for the order
of child elements of atom:feed at all, this means there is no such
requirement in effect.

Feel free to to put your atom:link elements following your atom:entry