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Re: Melanie Hevel Wed Feb 08 00:00:14 2012

Gotcha, thank you for clarifying. I am involved with motor skills/movement 
analysis, etc., and have studied it amongst children, which is why I didn't 
think the comparison was good, but I also didn't know whether or not you were 
kidding :-P It's really hard to tell that kind of thing and sarcasm usually 
without being able to see the person. I once convinced a good friend during an 
online chat that my eyes were actually red and I wear contacts to cover them 
(because of some red eye in a pic); I started out being totally sarcastic but 
he never picked-up on that (which he would have easily seen if we were 
face-to-face or on the phone). Anyway, I apologize for getting so off the 
Automator topic myself. 

On Feb 7, 2012, at 11:53 PM, Scott Ribe wrote:

> Let me be clear, it was intended as humor--I actually thought your comment 
> was funny. 
> I'm only sending this to whole list instead of you personally because I want 
> it clear that I did not actually think you were mean nor out of line in any 
> way.
> But I'll disagree with you on one thing: personally, I think my analogy was 
> near perfect, because he was screeching about the emails from this list, via 
> emails to this list, which were then (I'm assuming) sent back to him ;-)
> On Feb 7, 2012, at 10:40 PM, Melanie Hevel wrote:
>> Scott, we are mean? I hope you are kidding. In case you aren't, of course I 
>> would not do that but your example does not compare with what happened on 
>> the automator list today. I could go on about this but I think your comment 
>> to the entire automator list was misplaced so I will not perpetuate it. This 
>> thread is for discussion about Automator only, so I won't discuss something 
>> else. 
> -- 
> Scott Ribe
> http://www.elevated-dev.com/
> (303) 722-0567 voice

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