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Financial Help for ApacheCon Dave Brosius Sat Jul 02 21:00:32 2011

Hi All,

Just a friendly (and final)  reminder that applications for financial help
to attend ApacheCon NA 2011 in Vancouver close this coming Friday 8th July 
(2200 BST :

Financial assistance is available for Travel (planes, trains, whatever) ,
Accomodation (at the conference venue hotel) and Conference entrance fees. 
Dependant on your
circumstances will decide how much of that you would be given.

Please visithttp://apache.org/travel  for more information and a link to the
application form.

Remember: We DO help people get to ApacheCon and other Apache events every
we DO want to help people get there who otherwise could not, that is why we

Spread the word, you are welcome to tweet, blog, email, post, phone or smoke
signal to anyone who you think might benefit from attending ApacheCon this year.

Kind Regards,

The Travel Assistance Committee.

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