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Re: BCEL 5.1 Backward Compatibility? Edwin Lee Tue Sep 12 19:57:18 2006


Thanks for the advice, i shall strip out the unnecessary packages from
xalan.jar and test it out. On reporting the bug, i did a search on JIRA, and
it has already been reported previously (
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/XALANJ-2196). :)

Thanks Again,

On 9/11/06, Jacob Kjome <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

At 09:11 PM 9/10/2006, you wrote:
>Hi Jake,
>i have downloaded the 2jars of both Xalan 2.7.0 and Xalan 2.6.0, and have
>done a comparison, and yes, xalan.jar for 2.7.0 2jars does seem to still
>contain everything that is already in xsltc.jar.
>Just to confirm what i have to do to right this:
>1. Remove the org.apache.bcel package from xalan.jar.


>2. Remove the org.apache.regexp package from xalan.jar.

Not sure about the regexp package, but probably remove it.

>3. Remove the org.apache.xalan.xsltc package from xalan.jar.


>4. Leave the org.apache.xml package in xalan.jar even though they also
>in xsltc.jar? (Following the structure of 2.6.0 2jars)

I think so.  You'll have to test yourself

>5. Place this copy of xalan.jar in the endorsed directory instead of the
>original all inclusive one.


>6. Deploy xsltc.jar with my application.

Do you need XSLTC?  Do you actually use it?  The main thing is to use
an updated BCEL jar.  I'm not sure how XSLTC will respond to that,
since it was compiled against the older one.  You might want to
contact the Xalan list to verify all this.  When I used the 2jars
release, I never needed XSLTC functionality.  I just needed Xalan and
also needed a newer version of BCEL in my classpath, and having the
BCEL that comes with XSLTC in the endorsed directory really messed things

>Is that correct?

Only experimentation will tell you for sure.  In any case, I
encourage you to report the 2jars release problem to the Xalan team
so that the next release is done properly.