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Re: Polymorphism and BCEL zagiatakrapovic Wed Oct 22 05:00:49 2008

Thx Arrin for your reply.

It won't be easy, definitely! :)

Under some (conservative) assumptions the set of classfiles should be closed.
Class loading over urls, changing the classpath during runtime will be 
prohibited. I think, I will force the user to give me the classpath as args 
argument to my instrumenting tool, use it to find recursively all class files 
and build up the dependency graph out of the class files. The first thing in 
the main() will be a check if the current classpath (the one the user gives the 
JVM through -cp) is the same he provided to my tool.
This is an university project, therefore such conservative constraints at the 
beginning may be acceptable. But I think you are perfectly right that a 100% 
correct solution for all class loading use cases is maybe not feasible as any 
change to code during run-time triggers a reevaluation and reinstrumenting of 
the code of course this  performance dramatically.

I will try to realize this stuff. I'm still wondering how other people deal 
with this stuff, at least if you want to intercept some method calls you will 
have to deal with such issues.

thanks for your help


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