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bcintbird-pics who done it? Alistair Fraser Mon Feb 20 19:00:22 2012

I have attached a picture of a puzzle.

Here is the background: I regularly monitor over a dozen pilings. I see a wide 
range of birds visit them: Kingfishers, Tree Swallows, Ospreys, Herons, Bald 
Eagles...well the list of species is long. 

The point is: I am familiar with the look of all of these pilings; this 
familiarity enables me to spot changes such as the arrival of a bird. Today 
there was a rather odd arrival. All of a sudden an object appeared atop one of 
the older pilings. The piling is perhaps 5 meters tall and sits in the water. 
What is the object? And who (what) might have placed it there?

If you think I have the answer---sorry, I don't. To my eye, it looks like a 
bone, but I don't actually know what is going on.

As an aside: for those of you who wondered about the story of the female otter 
mentioned earlier. I just made a blog posting about her. It is at,


Nevertheless, the object on the piling: who done it?


Alistair Fraser
Kootenay Lake

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