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{BL} Re: Ideale Saddle Adjustment Advice Needed Doug Shaker Mon Dec 29 08:01:06 2008

You may have to make a wrench.  A bit of steel, a hacksaw, a dremel
tool and an hour or so will get you there.  Not fun, but do-able.

At 06:28 AM 12/29/2008, you wrote:

>I have the park off set cone wrench.  Unfortunately, it is too wide to
>fit in the very narrow slot provided.
>Var used to make a wrench that was supposed to fit the Ideale.  But
>the VAR is for a much smaller bolt than on the saddle I have.  The Var
>must have been made either earlier (or more likely) later, than the 92
>I will check out the Nuovo Record wrench.  Otherwise, the open
>Craftsman may be the way to go.
>On Dec 28, 8:54 pm, MichaelH <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > If it's 13 mm then perhaps the off set cone wrench used to adjust
> > single pivot brakes would work.  I have a Park, which I assume is
> > still available, that has  13 & 10 mm off set.  For years I carried it
> > with me all the time to adjust my campy single pivot brakes.
> >
> > Michael
> > WEstford, VT
> >
> > On Dec 28, 9:13 pm, JoelMatthews <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > > After a long search, I finally came upon what I believe to be an
> > > authentic Ideale 92 saddle.  The saddle is in very good condition,
> > > only one or two scratches on the saddle, the hardware in like new
> > > condition.  It needs a little tightening however (Possibly stored in
> > > damp conditions? There was no mildew or mold on it though).
> >
> > > Problem is, I cannot find a wrench that will fit in the very close
> > > quarters to adjust the tightening nut.  Guess I should have realized
> > > this without trying, but the Brooks spanner wrench does not fit at
> > > all.  I have done some looking around on-line, but have not been able
> > > to find much of anything, let alone ads selling old Ideale tools.
> >
> > > The adjustment bolt appears to be 13 mm.  It is possible something
> > > along the line of the extreme open Craftsman wrench may work.  Before
> > > I start buying tools willy-nilly, I am hoping maybe someone here has
> > > tried something that works.- Hide quoted text -
> >
> > - Show quoted text -

  - Doug "Anonymous" Shaker

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