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{BL} Re: Schmidt Edelux Water Problem? littlecirclesvt.com :: mike beganyi Thu Aug 27 11:01:54 2009

Thanks for the tip.
I'll try it today...


On Aug 27, 10:41 am, Peter Jon White <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> You may have a bit of grit under the sliding switch. The sliding
> switch itself just slides in a slot on the exterior surface of the
> headlight housing. There are no moving external parts, other than the
> sliding switch, which houses a small magnet. The magnet, moving past
> the actual switch, which is inside the housing, causes the internal
> switch to change its position. There should be no stickiness to the
> sliding switch.
> Grab the little tip and pull it straight off the housing, clean the
> surfaces, and pop it back on. Now it should be fine. With an E6, if
> you reverse the orientation, the switch will not work. I don't recall
> exactly, but i think this isn't an issue with the Edelux, and I'm not
> in the shop right now to test that. But if you reverse it and it
> doesn't work, just reverse it again.
> On Aug 27, 7:53 am, "littlecirclesvt.com :: mike beganyi"
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I'm not having water problems - but this weekend after riding in rain
> > (for the Nth time) the reed switch has become very 'sticky' - hard to
> > move left and right. Any issues with this?
> > On Aug 26, 8:03 pm, Peter Jon White <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Mounting the Edelux upside down will not cause water to get inside the
> > > housing. It will of course make a laughing stock of the optics. The
> > > early production run of lights had a few that don't seal properly, and
> > > water can get inside. The numbers are small, so we haven't issued a
> > > general recall. If you get any water inside, just send it back to us
> > > and we'll get it fixed quickly. It has to go back to Germany, so it
> > > can be a few weeks. We'll give you a loaner headlight, one of the B&M
> > > IQ types or an E6, (we have an assortment on hand for this purpose) to
> > > use while the Edelux is being repaired.
> > > On Aug 26, 7:48 pm, WS Lee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > > I just came across this posting about people having problems with the
> > > > Edelux and water:
> > > >http://ncrandonneur.blogspot.com/2009/08/schmidt-edelux-water-issues....
> > > > It sounds like some of these people have mounted it upside down.
> > > > Thoughts?
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