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{BL} Re: One Bike For 60 Years of Love and Abuse? MichaelH Fri Feb 17 14:00:50 2012

This may be mission impossible.  Our bodies change over time, as do
our souls.  Even avoiding a sudden life change, no one can say what
will work that far in the future.

That said.  For the greatest life expectancy, I would definitely go
with a steel frame.  It's my understanding that no one has ever
returned a broken / worn out Rolheiser hub.  Phil Wood BB.  Paul's
brakes.  135 mm axles; 36 spokes, 26" wheels with V shaped rims..
Nitto bars, stem & seat post.  White pedals with Gordon clips.  B17
saddle.  Wipperman chain.  If you do decide to go the derailler route
avoid integrated shifters, unless you're willing to replace them every
15,000 miles or so.

 For the money, given the description of your riding, you probably
wont find a better value than the Atlantis.

Michael, let us know how this unfolds.

On Feb 16, 9:41 am, Deacon Patrick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Who would you choose to put together the only vehicle you're likely to pilot 
> (yes, a bike) for the rest of your life (40-60 years, if I live to be 100)?
> I am looking for the only vehicle I am likely to pilot for the rest of my 
> life (I'm 40). I have constant neurological vertigo from brain injury and 
> thus do not drive a car but have learned to walk and run barefoot or in 
> minimal sandals, and recently discovered my brain has healed enough to ride a 
> bike barefoot or in minimal sandals (please see website below for more 
> details). Details matter, but I am horrible at details (a brain injury 
> thing). I need a bike equally at home on roads as on rugged Pikes Peak trails 
> (for my commute to town). Cost matters, but quality, dependability, low 
> maintenance, and my safety and function matters more.
> I'm intrigued by Rivendell, gulp a bit at the price, but was wondering what 
> other options there might be out there so I have more than one to choose 
> from. For example, if chain free (like Dynamic bikes have) and Shimano 
> internal hub have equal rage (with wider spacing, obviously) and 
> dependability and efficiency, I would love to go that route for a variety of 
> reasons, but Rivendell is against those techs, though I haven't talked with 
> them yet about my situation.
> Thanks for your help!
> With Abandon,
> Patrick
> It's all good (but, is it the Best Good?)www.MindYourHeadCoop.org

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