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Re: {BL} Re: One Bike For 60 Years of Love and Abuse? Diafani Wed Feb 22 15:00:22 2012

I agree with this wholeheartedly. Over the last 5 years I've picked up
a mint 1974 Schwinn Paramount P-15, a very nice 1973 Raleigh Gran
Sport, a 1980 Miyata 610 15-speed, a 1979 Raleigh Super Grand Prix,
and a few other good bikes at local yard sales. None of which I paid
more than $20 for. In addition, I literally found a 1982 Trek and a
1970 Peugeot PX-10 in the trash. Unless you're racing or
mountainbiking, these bikes, with some upgrading, will function
reliably and comfortably for years. Let's not forget that the ultimate
cycle tourist, the Englishman Ian Hibbell, used a 1957 Freddie Grubb
racer for most of his epic adventures around the world:

On Feb 21, 1:52 pm, Roadkill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I've had many bikes over the years, both custon and off the rack, and
> have ridden lots of kilometers  - including nine 1,200 k's. My advice
> from the vantage point of someone farther down the road than you ar
> is: find a good mid 1980's "sport tourer," like a Bridgestone, Miyata,
> or Trek (there are many others). Bicycles were at the apex of quality
> for off-the-rack bikes then. With diligence, you can find one the is
> little used and reasonably priced, and you won't find a better frame
> or more trustwortjhy components. Forget needless, fragile frills like
> 10 speed and brifters. I found a 1978 Schwinn Super Le Tour (made by
> Panasonic) so unused the brake blocks were barely toouched, and it
> rides better than any bike I've had.It's also pretty cool to show up
> for a ride on a classic that looks so much more like a real bicycle
> than the latest gadgetry most folks ride.

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