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[Biojava-dev] biojava looking for maintainers Andreas Prlic Mon May 05 06:05:20 2008


BioJava is a widely used Java library that provides standard APIs, parsers, and solutions for common bioinformatics problems. It is used in a number of applications and referenced in many scientific publications. See here for an overview of these: http://biojava.org/wiki/ BioJava:BioJavaInside

In order to continue our first class efforts to serve the community and to further the quality of our source code we are looking for motivated individuals who want to claim responsibility for some of the core libraries and take over maintenance of these.

Please see here for a list of modules for which we are currently looking for maintainers:

If you want to become a BioJava maintainer, please post to the biojava-dev mailing list.

As always - happy biojavaing,


Andreas Prlic      Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
                              Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 1SA, UK
                              +44 (0) 1223 49 6891


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