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Re: [blfs-support] BLFS Book - Version 2012-04-04 Enhancement gtk+-3.2.4 Bruce Dubbs Wed Apr 04 16:00:21 2012

Andrew Benton wrote:
> On Wed, 04 Apr 2012 20:21:39 +0100
> Bruce Dubbs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers wrote:
>>> Hallo Bruce,
>>> Building "gtk+-3.2" according to Chapter 25 of the book, I got a
>>> "make error" message concerning "gdkpixbuf-2.0.gir".
>>> It seems to be necessary to include  an "--enable-introspection= yes"
>>> in the configuration command: "./configure --prefix=/usr
>>> --sysconfdir=/etc --enable-introspection=yes" of gtk+-3.2
>>> According to a bug report "http://www.sourcemage.org/issues/26" :
>>> "gtk+3 needs gdk-pixbuf2, pango and atk to be compiled with
>>> gobject-introspection support".
>>> I changed the configuration accordingly in  these programs and I went
>>> through the building process of gtk+-3.2.4 without further problems.
>>> You may want to consider adjusting the instructions in the book.
>> Andy,
>>    You've been doing gtk+3.  Do you want to address this?
> Address what? Since the 19th of Feb the Gtk+-3 page has had:
> NB, you will need to install Gobject Introspection before you install
> atk-2.4.0, Pango-1.30.0 and gdk-pixbuf-2.26.0.
> How could it be any clearer?

Sorry.  I didn't check the instructions.  I just asked since I was the 

Do we need to add --enable-introspection=yes in the Command Explanations 
for those that have built Gobject Introspection?

   -- Bruce
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