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Re: Question ad commons logging/log4j and packaging BSF ... Ulf Dittmer Sun Aug 13 16:15:11 2006


The logging package should be sufficient, I think. It falls back to System.err if neither log4j nor java.util.logging is present.


On 26.03.2006, at 17:42, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:

Hi there,

just checked out the latest version of BSF in order to apply the changes I posted a month ago for comments. It seems that the logging got changed in the past to use commons Log and LogFactory (and removed bsf/util/DebugLog), which is fine with me.

The question would be as follows: if creating a BSF distribution what jar-files should be available/packaged in order for BSF to work orderly in case of an error (when the log entries get created): the "logging" package alone or also "log4j"? And if so, does anyone happen to know whether it is possible to place those jars into the Java "ext" (extension) directory, which means that these classes must not use any other classes other than Java's base classes and whatever is in the "ext" directory?

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