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Re: [CB-750] Re: pegs for the wife Jeff Fisher Fri Jun 29 12:05:19 2007

Those are the ones that I have on my NH and they work great and they look good 

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Subject: [CB-750] Re: pegs for the wife

thanks for the reply; I saw a post today that suggested Magna peg 
extenders from cycle-istic that my wife wants to try. She's only 
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> check j and p cycles,kuryakin may make something that will work.
> p2q4p2q4 <[EMAIL PROTECTED] .> wrote: My wife has really gotten 
into riding with me on my '95 Nighthawk 750, 
> but says her legs hurt on long rides. She thinks she would be more 
> comfortable back there if she could put her feet up on "those 
> board type pegs" she sees on other bikes.
> Any suggestions for her (and me, while you're at it)?
> mark
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