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[CB-750] Re: How accidents happen... Khyron The Dread Fri Aug 24 18:06:15 2007

Interesting stories to hear. I'm glad you guys are alive and alright enough to 
tell them. I've been riding for 6 months now ('96 cb750) and even rode in 
Thailand traffic for 3 weeks. I crashed once the first week I got my bike... 
and just crashed again (I'm embarrassed to say) last Friday. 

Details and pics can be found here: 

In short, too much throttle and too sharp a turn while making a left onto a 
busy street. Back wheel went out from under me and I low-sided. Luckily no cars 
were coming at the time. Since my first crash, I always wear my old 
rollerblading knee pads under my pants... and sometimes felt like a dork for 
it. They saved me some serious road rash in this case and I walked away w/ a 
couple of bruises. After some bending, filing, and taping, the bike is still 
good enough to ride (though now with even more... ahem... character). 

Cheers & ride safe,

PS My standard riding gear includes full-face helmet, padded riding jacket, 
gauntlet gloves, kneepads and hiking boots and I was glad to have it all on 
when I went down. 

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