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Re: [CB-750] Re: Swapping carbs Gabriel Gonzalez S Tue Aug 17 15:00:13 2010

It is very important when I talk about mileage, indicate the average speed with 
which player this consumption. It is very different from 50 to 80 mph and lends 
itself to confusion and invalid comparisons. 

I get 45 mpg at 75 mph (average speed)
I get 50 mpg at 60 mph (average speed)

(Santiago - Chile)
Nighthawk 1995
Whith 16T front sprocket
(Sorry my english)

De: Wayne and Mary Sue Duris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Enviado: mar,17 agosto, 2010 16:15
Asunto: Re: [CB-750] Re: Swapping carbs

P.S. Gary
I get 48MPG with an 836 kit , Yoshimura mid cam , pod filters , 4 into1 Kerker 
and carbs jetted waaaay up!!!

Wayne in Ohio

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