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[CB-750] Re: Motorcycles rides RobertA Wed Jul 13 10:01:04 2011

I've been drooling over the VFR800/Interceptor bikes lately. They're supposed 
to be great all around bikes and extremely reliable. I saw a 2001 on Craigslist 
a while ago for 3k that looked nice but I didn't pull the trigger. While it 
definitely outclasses the Nighthawk in many ways, it's much more expensive to 
maintain (valve adjustments every 16k miles etc.). I don't think it would 
change the way I ride enough to justify it (at least not now). 

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "ken99287" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I would upgrade if only the cb1000 or the cb1300 were available here at a 
> good price. There are plenty of bikes out there that can out-perform the NH, 
> but will it be as reliable? I am not sure...
> I have been looking into getting an sv650 or sv1000. Maybe a vstrom 750?