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Re: [CB-750] Backrest/luggage rack wanted Ned Fleming Wed Feb 01 06:15:38 2012


> >... somewhere there is a plan for a homemade backrest /rack.  
> ez,  needalum. strips   drill  nuts and bolts...  then a pillow cushion...i 
> dontthink you will find one for your bike...  good lucks...
> Aluminum has an odd fast-fail fatigue rate. I would not
> want to lean on a backrest made from it. For luggage, 
> sure. Bikes can be made from beer cans glued together, 
> but are made many times stronger than needed when 
> aluminum, as it fatigues, w/o fail. That scares me.
> Front forks take impacts "in direct line," but are also 
> a special, alloy I bet. Lawnchairs? Ok. I never go over 
> 5 or 10 in them... Ok - mebe 15. And never higher than
> a house.

An aluminum lawn chair can be flown:


But you're right, aluminum isn't the best material for a
motorcycle backrest.