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[CB-750] re Idles & Revs but no power once moving hunnimonstr Wed Feb 01 10:23:37 2012

im no expert but had a tc360twin which i pulled apart a few times

assume you have tested compression, and no mayo or sharps were found in the 
changed oil?

If you have already replaced the carb floats and diaphrams with new its not pin 
holes in the rubber (which can be fixed with a drop of superglue)  

if an old original intact exhaust it may be coked up loosen the manifolds to 
test.  if your plugs are black and have been like that for years n 1000s of 
miles then u may need to  decoke the exhaust, too much back pressure could 
hamper ignition at higher revs?

but until the plugs n timming are set correctly it could easily be either of 
them at the root of the problem?