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[cfaussie] Re: CF SerializeJSON => jQuery CyberAngel Tue Jul 28 02:30:12 2009

AJ, not sure about jQuery. But most frameworks of this nature have the ability 
to do client side Serialise and De-Serialise of JSon.


Failing that you could go to json.org, and grab a decent package.


One question though, is the less than sign quoted? If it is quoted it should 
not convert it to < and I would consider that a bug. 




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Subject: [cfaussie] Re: CF SerializeJSON => jQuery


ripped this from

 function unescapeXML(s) {
    return s.replace(/&amp;/gm, '&').replace(/&lt;/gm, '<').
      replace(/&gt;/gm, '>').replace(/&quot;/gm, '"');

But would still like to know if jQuery can do this.

2009/7/28 AJ Mercer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

I am using SerializeJSON in ColdFusion which converts < to & lt ;
is there a jQuery function that will turn it back to an angle bracket so I can 
set a form field value?

AJ Mercer
Web Log: http://webonix.net

AJ Mercer
Web Log: http://webonix.net

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