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[cfaussie] CFBuilder2 and Version Control Rawdyn Fri Jul 15 04:00:04 2011

Having just upgraded to CFB2 I decided the clunky old Source Safe
plugin was more trouble than it was worth so I went to investigate
which direction to go for a new source control program that will work
well with CFB2.

Perhaps I am missing something (and if so please enlighten me) but
there seems to be very little info out there on what works well with
CFB2. Do I just treat it as Eclipse in my searches and assume anything
that works in Eclipse will be fine for CFB2?

Anyway, after reading up on a few options and with a suggestion from
Josh that Mercurial was the go, I have looked deeper into it
(MercurialEclipse plugin) and it seems it will be more than

Is anyone using Mercurial that could provide any feedback?

Actually any feeback is very welcome... even if it is just letting me
know what you use or if you know a good, current resource I can read
up on.


P.S. We are a small team unlikely to grow much and with a fairly set
number of projects working in a Windows environment. Preference is to
keep the repository in house unless advised strongly to the contrary.

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