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RE: [cfaussie] ColdFusion Builder 2 hotfix #1 now available... charlie arehart Tue Jul 19 14:01:25 2011

Andrew, just wanted to let you know I had raised your concern the day you
raised it to a private list of Adobe Community Professionals (that includes
some others here, as well as folks at Adobe, including the new product

Some noted that it was related to the licensing engine Adobe uses, but I
(and others) asked how that really should matter to the simply task of
applying updates. 

I was asking if there was a more clear answer (preferably something we can
point folks to, whether a technote or a team blog entry). The answer from
the PM was that "I will see what best could be done to address [the issue]
soon". Oh well. Just want you to know the question has been passed along to
the powers that be. Feel free to toggle in a few days in case I or others
forget to pass along any answer we here.




Of Andrew Scott
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2011 4:14 AM
Subject: Re: [cfaussie] ColdFusion Builder 2 hotfix #1 now available...


I wonder why these updates/hotfixes can't be updated via the update method
in ColdFusion Builder?



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