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[cfaussie] Re: ColdFusion Builder 2 Hotfix Gavin Baumanis Wed Jul 20 00:00:52 2011

Hi Dale,

There is a JRE as part of eclipse.
I assume it is complaining about that.

I am not trying to be insulting, but I assume you have tried the usual
* Re-downloading the patch?
* Applying the patch to a different CFBuilder install?
* Creating a new workspace first?

I don't have a windows version  of CFBuilder.. (well actually I don't
have a windows machine handy) - to do any testing / trials...

On my Mac I had no issues with installing the patch - worked a charm,
first time.
    Maybe it's the apple gods telling you something.....It's time to
renounce Windows as an operating system of quality and value.
    The latest Mac OS upgrade cost is only $30


On Jul 20, 2:12 pm, "Dale Fraser" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Get this when trying to install
> Not sure, why I now need a JVM. I managed to install the builder without a
> JVM.
> Regards
> Dale Fraser
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