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Re: [cfaussie] Mac OSX Lion Phil Haeusler Fri Jul 22 03:00:33 2011

It's very true Kai.

But of course, if you don't have anything that's critical, plus a spare machine, and you like to tinker, then go for it :)


On 22/07/11 3:54 PM, Kai Koenig wrote:
Sorry, I don't want to appear more than a smart-arse as I need to be - but to 
make my point:

If you've got a critical piece of CF work to get done, don't upgrade your 
machine unless you want to spend a few hours trying to figure out why it isn't 
working and then downgrading your install.

If you've got a critical piece of ANYTHING to get done, would one then really 
upgrade one's machine to a new OS as an early adopter on day 1 or 2?

Seriously people? I usually wait 2-3 weeks for installing 10.x.x point upgrades 
for very good reasons, let alone a 10.x upgrade.


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