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[cfaussie] MAD: Software draw for first half of 2011 Peter Robertson Tue Jul 26 10:00:32 2011

And the winner is, Chong!

I didn't get time to prepare the draw for our last meeting, so I did
the next best thing and got my local barman to perform the draw for me
(see the pic at http://tinyurl.com/3fqq8ad ).

The draw is based on attendances; one chance per attendance and an
additional chance for every presentation.  Chong has been fairly
regular this year, so congratulations, he has won the software prize
which can be of value of up to USD$2,100.

Please select your prize Chong and send me the following information:

Product (must be standard, full product, not upgrade, not an online
Platform (Mac / PC).
Full Name for license.
Email address that you want registered with the product.
Adobe will contact you with details on how you can redeem your prize.

Peter Robertson

Co-manager MAD

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