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[cfaussie] Capturing a "webcam" image via ColdFusion Darth Guybrush Thu Jul 28 09:00:06 2011

That is essentially the new task - recently added to my growing list
of priorities.

How to capture an image from a Webcam and passing it on to ColdFusion
for processing. Think like a Flash capture - like taking a photo with
a webcam and letting CF deal with the image.

Trick is server has no webcam.... So difficult to test. BUT! I have my
wonderful notebook for testing - not a "server" issue for the
processing but how to capture an image. Ah-lah Passport photo.

I did something like this YEARS ago with Macromedia Flash
Communication Server but ....

Any ideas?

P Tilbrook
Web Administrator
The Club Group - www.clubgroup.com.au

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