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Re: [cfaussie] Re: Recommendations for a CF Framework. M@ Bourke Fri Feb 17 07:01:34 2012

Dale my view is this, if its a framework that is nice and complete it
should remain quite future proof for the life of the app etc, also most
developers should be able to pick up a framework quite fast if working on a
preexisting app along side developers who can help them along for a week.

This is how we currently do it with coldbox, in the last 9 months our team
has grown from 4 to 30 and all new devs seem quite proficient within a
week, however we have a policy of minimum 50% pair programming so this
helps a lot.

Scott, if you're only after a quick simple app that may grow a little I'd
go with FW-1
if you're building something more full on I'd go with Coldbox, it has a
great plugin architecture and a lot of plugins provided by the author,
things like mockbox, wirebox (dependency injection) etc are really handy,
also writing plugins for it is a breeze.

It also has a lot of documentation which comes in more handy once you know
the framework, I always prefer to learn the basics from pre-existing apps

Welcome back to CF ;)

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