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[cfaussie] Re: Recommendations for a CF Framework. Bill Sat Feb 18 22:00:37 2012

Not understanding the hate for frameworks @DaleFraser.

I have great experiences using both Coldbox and CFWheels in production
environments. ColdBox in particular is well-suited to enterprise scale
production websites.

IMO the purpose of a framework is to ease development (individually
and across teams), incorporate proven methodologies and provide an
extensible architecture. Why re-invent the wheel each and every time
you need to spin up a website/app?

In my case, I use Coldbox as our front-end, high availability
application framework and CFWheels on the administrative back end.
Both are fantastic, robust, have a great community and really bring
ColdFusion into line with the times.

I've also worked with Mach-II and it gets the big smackdown from
Coldbox and CFWheels.

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