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[cfwheels] New js plugin idea Brandon Sun Nov 27 06:00:18 2011

So I kinda had an interesting idea for some js stuff. I am not sure if
its the best thing to do as I am not that strong in web programming.
So right now I have one js file with a crap load of js and it looks
like a mess. So I was thinking maybe we could do something like how
the view pages work. When a controller/action is called it looks for a
js file matching that controller/action name and then runs something
like this: #javaScriptIncludeTag(source="controller/action",
head=true)#. Then the js that needs to be run on that page only will
be include only when that page runs. Then you could also add a
layout.js that gets auto included to run on every page.

Make any sense or did I just confuse you all?

What do you all think?
Is there something out there like this already?
If not does anyone know where I might look at starting this project or
Any kind of feedback at all?


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