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[cfwheels] Re: Beginner Help with a Plugin JayKufner Sat Feb 25 17:00:42 2012

 quick definition(no offenses intended if this is old hat to you.) 
If you have an function like this

<cffunction name="doSomething">
    <cfargument name="fe">
    <cfargument name="fi">
    <cfargument name="fo">

and you call it this way: 
doSomething(fe="one", fi="two", fo="three")
you have used name arguments.

This way: 
doSomething("one", "two", "three") 
you have used ordered arguments. 

The distinction between the two: With named arguments you assign a value to 
the parameter that is passed to the function , so you can write them in any 
order . With ordered arguments its assumed the order of parameters are 
fixed and the value you specify matches the order the in which the 
cfargument tag are written. First value maps to the first cfargument second 
to second Etc. 

Here's an great article (no surprises here ) from Ben Nadel about using 
ArgumentCollection and the use of ordered arguments.


 Hope it helps if not its a fun read.

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