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[chromium-dev] Adding "enabled-all-experimental" switch Berend-Jan Wever Wed Mar 24 19:00:21 2010

Hey all,

I'm trying to fuzz new and experimental features as soon as possible. The
speed at which we are adding new features makes it hard for me to track what
we are adding and write fuzzers for each new feature. However, I have been
working on fuzzers that should be able to find and test these new features
without me even knowing about them, but looking at the source code. However,
if these new features need to be abled through a command-line switch, my
fuzzer will try to fuzz a disabled feature and waste time.

So, I was wondering how feasible it is to create an
"enabled-all-experimental" switch. Each new feature could still be disabled
by default and continue to have a seperate switch to enable it specifically,
but all these new and experimental features should also be enabled when
the "enabled-all-experimental" switch is supplied. That way, I wouldn't have
to worry about which features we are working on but are still disabled by

Unles anybody objects, I will get this implemented, but it would of course
require future experimental features to also check for this switch, or it
will become useles pretty quickly. So, I will need everybody's cooperation.


Berend-Jan Wever ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) | Security Software Engineer
Google Netherlands B.V. | Reg: Claude Debussylaan 34, 15th floor 1082 MD
34198589 | NETHERLANDS | VAT / Tax ID:- 812788515 B01

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