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[chromium-discuss] No Universal Installation Meok Wed May 27 16:01:06 2009

When you install Chrome in your Windows profile, Chrome is invisible
to all other profiles and you have to manually install
it in each profile on the computer and each newly created profile.

This is a problem in the following scenarios

1. OEM's / Technicians have no way to universally install Chrome for
present and future users on a system.

2. New converts to Chrome have to get the other computer users to
Chrome themselves. In other browsers, if one user installs the
browser, the
others are exposed to the icons to discover and launch it as well.

3. Whenever something gets messed up on my computer, I usually just
a new user profile and migrate my settings. ALL of my other programs
automatically available in my new profile except Chrome, which I have
download again.

If you agree that this is a flaw, please a STAR to the following
issue: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=12752
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