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[chromium-discuss] Re: Feature wishlist Itai Fri Jun 26 07:01:09 2009

On Jun 25, 6:55 pm, bibach <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As of the version of Chrome I'm currently running,, I have
> found only three features (and one tweak) that I really desire.  I did
> a quick search of the known issues list and either could not find any
> reference to these or was unsure of how they might be described.

> The first two features are ones I have seen in other browsers.  Since
> I do a certain amount of development work, I frequently need to browse
> HTML or XML on my local file system.  My preferred method, in most
> cases, is to just type the path in the address bar.  Other browsers
> will recognize that I'm typing a path and offer to auto-complete each
> component of the path.  I think this would be a very handy addition to
> Chrome.

You can enter requests like this at crbug.com, they get triaged and if
sound, get prioritized this way.

> On this note, the "tweak" is that it would be nice if I could scroll
> "around the end" of the drop-down list of suggestions, as I find,
> often enough, that the item I'm after is nearer the end than the
> beginning, such that one or two up-arrow presses, rather than a bunch
> of down-arrow presses, would be a little faster.  (Yes, I'm a little
> obsessive about how quickly I can get little things done, but it *is*
> often about the little things, isn't it?)
> The second feature, also seen in other browsers, is some sort of
> default rendering of XML files, such as a simple indented hierarchy,
> possibly with the option to collapse branches of the hierarchy to ease
> navigation of large files.  Ideally, this could be done with the
> option to configure a default XSLT transform (or possibly CSS
> stylesheet) to be used, allowing for some customization of the default
> display.  I'm not familiar enough with the current makeup of Chrome's
> architecture to say what the feasibility of these various options
> might be.

Its on our todo list ;) See issue 434. You are welcome to help.

> So far as I'm aware, the last feature is not available in any major
> browser (I stick to Chrome as much as possible, so I don't keep tabs
> on some of the other options), but it is familiar from other major
> applications.  This is the ability to split the content window in two,
> top and bottom, to allow two different vertical sections of the same
> page to be viewed at once.  This has significant utility on a variety
> of pages that may have information near the top or bottom, such as
> headers or footers of some kind, that can help to understand
> information in the middle of the page.  Obviously, numerous similar
> scenarios exist.  I did find some references to similar-sounding ideas
> in this forum, but nothing quite the same.
> None of these features seem, to me, to be all that radical, so I
> suspect some discussion may have already taken place on one or more of
> them.  Pointers to such discussions would be most welcome. :)  Ditto
> for current development efforts of which I may not be aware.
> Otherwise, if these ideas sound good to others, I'll be happy to write
> them up for the issue list and possibly even contribute some work
> toward refining them into some solid requirements or even design, if
> that help would be welcome.
> -Brandon :)

Thanks for your feedback!

- Itai

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