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[cros-discuss] Bootable DVD Jimbones Mon Nov 30 15:00:12 2009

I am a intermediate LINUX user and have done things like built custom
media centers with it.

I can see that 4gig usb sticks are easy to get, but it would be handy
to have a bootable dvd option as well.  Reading the build instructions
I don't see why the bootable image couldn't be put on a dvd instead of
the stick, but only a usb script is listed.

If anybody could quickly post a change to this to write it to a dvd
instead, that'd be great.  I have a system that doesn't support usb
booting that runs Ubu just fine, and I'd love to make a machine to
play with.

If it's too much of a hassle, that's okay, but thought I'd ask.