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Re: [cros-discuss] Feature Suggestion - Remote Desktop Access in a Chrome OS browser tab Greg Oliver Thu Dec 31 19:00:13 2009

On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 7:38 PM, ChromeMagnon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It would be really neat if a RDP, Citrix, VNC, NX/NeatX, RedHat Spice
> remote desktop access client was built into ChromeOS with OpenVPN,
> IPSec VPN, or PPTP also provided to allow access through corporate
> firewalls. This would allow a Chrome OS personal as the primary or
> only device in an Enterprise setting.
> This would allow files and applications on an office PC to be accessed
> wirelessly from inside or outside the office, and also would allow
> virtual Windows, or Linux desktops running on VMware or RedHat
> virtualization servers to be accessed through a Chrome OS netbook.
> This would make the Chrome OS netbook apealing for Enterprise use and
> make it a universal client for everything.
> It will probably have to built into the OS rather than implemented as
> a plugin for security reasons.

I think they are planning on removing the JRE completely from chrome
(not 100% sure), but there are already browser (java) based clients -
especially for vnc - which *should* cover all the bases.  Of course if
the jre gets tossed out, that's gone :)