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[cros-discuss] I'm having a problem building an image Joel Sass Wed Jul 21 13:01:00 2010

I just posted this to the dev forum, and realized that this may be a general
question, so I am re-posting, hopefully, in the correct place.

Hey all.

I am following along with the Chromium OS build instructions located here:

I am able to complete all steps up to the following:

"./build_image --board=x86-generic"

This step is completed in the chroot, and should be the final step to having
a complete Chromium OS image.

Attached, is a link to the pastebin where I have put the full compile output
from the build script, but the compiling fails with the following error:

*/home/jsass/trunk/src/scripts/customize_rootfs: line 254:
CHROMEOS_REVISION: parameter null or not set
An error occurred in your build so your latest output directory is invalid.
Would you like to delete the output directory (y/N)? n
Not deleting
Note dev server updates will not work until you successfully build another
image or delete this directory

I would appreciate a suggestion as to how I can remedy this issue.

The full output; http://pastebin.com/PUYLYELx

Thank you.