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[clamav-users] Untit Testing Reynolds, David C. Mon Feb 06 12:01:34 2012

I've recently installed .97.3 on an SGI Origin 3000 running TRIX v6.5.28 using 
gcc 3.2.1. (I did need to make some source file modifications).   I was able to 
run clamscan against a directory seemingly without error.
However, I would like to run some tests which would indicate catching an 
infected file without actually putting an infected file on our system.  This is 
a totally Trusted Irix environment. 
I've had problems trying to build the check package as recommended in the 
ClamAV documentation in this IRIXS environment.  Any suggestions as to how run 
some unit tests that would indicate that an infected file would actually be 
--Dave Reynolds
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