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[clamav-users] Any verification that virus submission is working? Michael Richards Wed Feb 22 06:00:45 2012

I've submitted a few virus samples now 8 days ago and they still
haven't been added to the database. Is it possible that the submission
system is not working properly or incorrectly dropping files?

I spent some time watching the signature announce list for my name but
nothing has come up. There was an option on the submission page that
says "notify me" but I've never received any notifications. Last time
I was having trouble having a sig added a user here generously added
the sig to their own independent database but I now have sigs, some of
which are 3 months old that have never been added to the official
clamav database.

I would be more than willing to donate a couple of hours of
programming time to improve the web submission system if needed.

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