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Re: Green Day - Wembley Stadium 19/06/10 Kat Sun Jun 20 23:00:27 2010

Sounds brilliant Griz, thanks for posting!

On 20 June, 23:23, Grizzlybaz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Not had a lot of time to get on the group in recent months I'm afraid,
> but thought I'd post a review of the Green Day gig at Wembley Stadium
> last night because Kat begged for details on Facebook :o)
> Mrs G came with me, which was significant in itself, as its the first
> stadium gig we've attended together for 10 years!  The two support
> acts were Frank Turner and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, but we didn't
> see either, so I can't comment really.  I had wanted to catch Joan
> Jett, as I like a lot of her stuff but, thanks to public transport, we
> didn't quite make it in time.  Ho hum...
> Green Day themselves were absolutely excellent, as expected.  This was
> the 3rd time I've seen them live, and was by far the best.  They're
> not just a great live band but they really are great showmen too.
> Last night we got all of the antics you would expect from a Green Day
> gig with a couple of extras I've not seen before.  A 15 year old fan
> was plucked from the audience to sing lead vocals on Longview - he
> didn't have the best voice but, considering he must have been bricking
> it, I couldn't fault him for his effort, and he seemed to love the
> experience (who wouldn't?).  Another highlight was Tre Cool and Billie
> Joe Armstrong doing a job swap so that Tre could play guitar and sing
> on Dominated Love Slave, while Billie Joe filled the drum stool.
> Watching Tre doing high kicks while wearing a bra over his shirt, a
> big floppy hat and outsize specs during Shout was always going to be
> hysterical, if not a little weird....you had to be there really.
> Another highlight was when the band played parts of Iron Man and Sweet
> Child O Mine with Billie Joe doing passable imitations of the lead
> singers concerned.  Neither was a patch on his Bon Scott voice though,
> when they played the first half of Highway to Hell.  Oddly enough, it
> occurred to me at that point that Green Day were the 3rd different
> band I had seen play that song live in the last 14 months, and two of
> them were at Wembley Stadium.
> Anyway, an excellent all round performance from Green Day, the only
> slight disappointments for me were that it took a couple of songs to
> sort out the sound on the vocals, so 21st Century Breakdown and Know
> Your Enemy weren't as good as they could have been, and the fact that
> they only played 6 songs from the new album.  Given that there was a
> goodly sprinkling of older material and a fair bit of American Idiot
> material, I can't really complain too much....plus they did play The
> Static Age, which is my favourite song from 21st Century Breakdown.
> Setlist was:
> Song of the Century
> 21st Century Breakdown
> Know Your Enemy
> East Jesus Nowhere
> Holiday
> The Static Age
> Give Me Novacaine
> Are We The Waiting
> St. Jimmy
> Boulevard of Broken Dreams
> Nice Guys Finish Last
> Burnout
> Waiting
> Geek Stink Breath
> Dominated Love Slave (Tre on guitar / Billie Joe on drums)
> Hitchin' A Ride
> Welcome To Paradise
> When I Come Around
> Iron Man / Sweet Child of Mine / Highway to Hell
> Brain Stew
> Panic Song
> Jaded
> Longview
> Basket Case
> She
> King For A Day / Shout / Always Look on the Bright Side of Life /
> Teenage Kicks / (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction / Hey Jude medley
> 21 Guns
> Minority
> ===========================
> Encore:
> American Idiot
> Jesus of Suburbia
> ===========================
> Encore 2:
> When It's Time
> Wake Me Up When September Ends
> Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
> Hope the folks going to see them at Glasgow SECC tomorrow night, have
> as fabulous time as Mrs G and myself did last night.  I'm sure they
> will, as Green Day just seem to go from strength to strength as a live
> act.
> G

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