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Re: Who's going to High Voltage? Devonjohn Mon Jul 19 02:00:38 2010

Well I am going (with my mate Phil - the ugly one) - my tickets /
wristbands arrived Friday and it is going to be beyond awesome!

I am particularly excited to see Bachman Turner on the Sunday, never
really followed them but the free cd in this months Classic Rock has
me hooked.

So, although I do a lot for charity and I don't like to talk about it,
this ones for Ronnie and so great mate, its going to be
fabadabadopulous with Tina Turner Bachman Overdrive LET'S ROCK!!!!l

Can you hear the sound of my loon pants swishing and the dandruff

Devonjohn - UFO fan since 1978.

On Jul 15, 10:58 pm, "Greg (Owner)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Evening all.
> I know it has been mentioned here and there in different threads but I
> can't remember who, if anyone, is making it to High Voltage next
> weekend.
> I've not bought a ticket yet but will probably do so over this weekend
> (as I don't seem to have won any of the competitions for tickets I
> entered!) and it'd be good to meet up with any of you guys that are
> going, so just let me know!

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