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Re: Now playing XRWoody Wed Sep 29 05:00:19 2010

Or not playiing as the case may be;

The Union - 1 brilliant track, 2 or 3 OK tracks but the rest is
dreary. So overall I am disappointed with this CD. Not seen the DVD

Black Country Communion - The damn CD wont play in either of my CD
players. Boooo, sent it back to Play.Com for replacement. The DVD was
good though.

As some of you know, I see a lot of bands live, including many "pub"
bands, most of which are pretty good. However, every now and then you
get to see something very special. Can I urge you to give this a
listen and if you ever get the chance, go and see a band called


These lads are teenagers and the guitarist, particularly, is a talent
who deserves to reach the very top. The rest of the band are good as
well, but the guitarist really is a bit special. Both myself and my
friends who were there to witness this guy were blown away. Superb.
Its not every day that you get to hear Joe Satriani tracks played live
at your local, Walkway played two Satriani tracks, both were
excellently done. The skill, presence, confidence and flamboyance, for
one so young, had to be seen to be believed. I promise you this lad
deserves to go all the way to the top.

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