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Re: Secret santa Rob Jackson Thu Feb 02 04:01:12 2012

Here's my review, although based on just one listen so far:

Coldspell - Eye Of The Storm
Bit of a riff monster this one, with some melodic vocals and
a nice chorus. Good solo too. Not a band I have ever heard of.  Good.
Silent Force - In From The Dark
Keyboards and a galloping riff with widdly guitar solo open
a track that brings to mind a bit of Nightwish (although it is a male singer) a
smidge of Helloween, a proggy keyboard solo and some Maiden at their most
melodic. Interesting if not outstanding.
Company Of Snakes - Back To The Blues
I know from the latest issue of CR that this is three fifths
(Moody, Marsden and Murray) of the blues rock Whitesnake line up.  Sounds like 
it too which is a good thing in
my book.  Best track so far.
Taking Dawn - Never Enough
I have their debut album from which this is taken.  One of the better tracks 
from that record.
Like it.
Halestorm - What Were You Expecting?
Female vocals. Riffy. 
Nornally elements I'd warm to. 
This didn't do it for me though. 
Not bad just didn't make an impact.
Firewind - Falling To Pieces
Great intro - I love that kind of guitar effect (think the
intro to Thunder's Fade Into The Sun). 
Vocals let the track down a bit and the bridge was a bit weak compared
to the verses and chorus but that aside I liked it.
The Letter Black - Hanging On By A Thread
Reminds me of early Evanescence.  Another track that has a Euro melodic metal
feel (only Taking Dawn and Company Of Snakes have really varied it so far). Good
and a better track than Halestorm.
Fatal Smile - Learn Love Hate
Riffy, metal style. Reminds me a bit of Love/Hate from back
in the 80s and 90s, and not just because of the title. Another ok song but not
a band I'd explore more based on this.
Shinedown - Sound Of Madness
Second (and title) track from their 2010 album which I
own.  Good song, good band. Not heard any
more of their stuff but would be interested in their earlier material as it is
apparently a bit southern rock in style.
Edenbridge - Come Undone
Back to gothic, euro metal style with female vocals.  More to the taste of my 
Mrs than me.  That said whilst the verses didn't impress, when
the chorus kicked in it got much better. Nice understated solo too.
Pink Cream 69 - Gods Come Together
Heard of them but never heard them. Great shred  opening. Good melodic vocals. 
Second favourite
track so far (not counting songs I've heard before).
Dignity - The Edge Of the Blade
Another band I have heard of. Brings to mind Helloween in
places.  Another euro metal style track
but with an eastern style breakdown before the (good) solo.  Not bad but lots 
of this style on the Cd so
hard to pick stand outs. 
Theory Of A Deadman - By The Way
Now this is different. 
Slower, more chilled acoustic verses building to electric driven chorus.  
Similar to Shinedown's more ballady material.
Like it.
Fireflight - Unbreakable
Is this Fireflight as in the Christian rock band? I've
always heard good things about then which is why I ask.  Not surprised on the 
strength of this.  Like it. 
Brings to mind Within Temptation and Paramore at times.
Ten - Book Of Secrets
Singer sounds familiar but I can't place him. Like this one.
More mainstream melodic rock in style than the Euro metal approach.  Stands out 
on the Cd.
Voodoo Circle - Broken Heart Syndrome
Is it me or are there a lot of bands with voodoo in their
name at the moment?  Vocals sound like
Coverdale and the track is a bit like commercial Whitesnake.  Good mid-tempo 
Shakra - Let Me Lie My Life To You
Kicks off well. Makes me think of Gotthard's heavier moments,
especially in vocal style.  Not as good
as Gotthard though.
Serenity - Serenade Of Flames
A male and female duet. Similar in style to a lot of the
rest of the Cd.  Nightwish definately
come to mind on this one.
So, in summary, I'd say that there is nothing here I
wouldn't avoid listening too but there isn't much that'd get me out wanting to
expand my Cd collection.  A few more plays
may change my mind on that though.
As to who my Santa is, I honestly have no idea at all.  As a random guess I'll 
say Steve M.

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