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Re: Secret santa Ray P Thu Feb 02 04:12:02 2012

Shinedown is the band formed by the guitarist from Silvertide ( a
superb band that only releases the 1 album sadly ). i agree that i
don't hear too much of a southern rock sound from them. but they are
an awesome band. unfortunately ther is a shedload of similar sounding
bands nowadays ( theory of a deadman / feeder / 3 days grace / 3 doors
down / seether etc etc ) - but I do feel that Silvertide have a little
more originality about them.

On Jan 11, 11:24 am, Steve M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> You got me Rob :-)
> I wanted to send you a selection containing bands you, hopefully,
> hadn't heard before. When checking bands you've talked about here the
> only way to do this seemed to be go into Europe. I did find it quite
> difficult to find songs that were representative of the bands sounds
> due to the fact that many have a good mix of soft, slow, heavy, fast
> etc etc songs on their albums. Like you, when I first listen to many
> of these bands I liked them but.... After repeated plays they grew on
> me, so who knows maybe they will for you too. Most of the CD's I
> picked up for a couple of quid each or so.
> To answer a few of your questions and add a couple of comments:
> Firewind: This is the band Ozzy got his last guitarist from.
> The Letter Black: Interesting that you say they have a European sound
> as they are an American Christian band.
> Shinedown: I've seen comments that the southern rock style. I have all
> their albums and don't really see it myself. Could it come from the
> fact they've covered Simple Man?
> Theory of a Deadman: A band taken under the wing my Nickelback's
> singer (forgotten his name) and some of their stuff makes 'em sound a
> bit too much like Nickelback.
> Fireflight: Yeap this is the Christian band. The guitars are getting
> louder in the mix with each album. Hard to pick a representative song
> as they mix heavy with slow and everything inbetween.
> Voodoo Circle: (know what you mean about the word Voodoo) If memory
> serves this is their second album. It's a group put together by
> members of different bands to play songs in the style of those they
> like. This album is a mix of Whitesnake and Rainbow sounds. Singer is
> from Pink Cream 69 and guitarist is from Silent Force.
> Serenity: Usually male only vocals, but this album has three guest
> female singers. The track included here has Charlotte Wessels from
> Delain playing the woman accused of being a witch.
> Steve

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