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Secret Santa 2011 Barry McClelland Thu Feb 02 15:01:00 2012

1.  Pete Northcote - Rocketman - Never heard of this guy first impressions
is Stevie Vai/ Joe Satraini, really like the playing and the song, great

2.  Michael Monroe - Trick of the wrist - Have heard some MM before, but
not this song wouldnt say he is one of my favs but really liked this track,
Punky/Rocky and can see the Ginger influence there.

3.  The widowbirds - Rumble in the alley - Again never heard of them,
giving me a bit of a tesla vibe with the vocals throughout the song very
mellow and easy listening.

4.  Steve Balbi - I found you - Again never heard of him, starts of like U2
with or with out you with a bit of a Bono voice mixed with an Irish band
called the Devlins, bit mellow for my liking.

5.  Lachy Doley - Fire to Save - You guessed it never heard of him -
 bluesy voice nice mid tempo song, bit of the Lenny Kravitz about his voice
good song.

6.  Beth Hart And Joe Bonamassa - Sinners Prayer - Have heard of this one
thank christ, well after reading so much about it and receiving it as a cd
with CR great bluesy song with superb singing and playing.

7.  ZZ Top - Master Of Sparks - Not a ZZ song im familiar with, slow burner
with deep bluesy vocals

8.  Jak Housden - To die for - Never Heard of him and going by this wont be
rushing out to find any more of his tracks

9.  Zkye - Amsterdam - Another ive never heard of - Really like female
singers and really like this track reminds me of Sass Jordan

10.  Noiseworks - Hot Chilli Woman - Have heard of them but never anything
from them but they do sound really familiar good party rock song

11.  Heart - Crazy on you - yep a song i know and really like seen Heart in
Belfast years ago only went to see Thunder but really liked Heart as well

12.  Jeff Martin - The Ground cries out - Never heard of him, kicks in like
an 80 vocalist like the dude from heaven 17 bit of an eastern hook to the
song not sure about this one, will give it a few more listens

13.  Uriah Heep - What Kind of God - Know the name but none of the songs,
starts of the way you would expect a UH song to start off all moody and
epic, quite like this track might track down some others.

14.  Foo Fighters - My Hero - Good Track great band first couple of albums
i loved the next few not so much and now they seem to be back on form great

15.  Oohlala - Yeah People - another ive never heard of, sound like the
strokes on the opening few seconds with a girl singer nice punky track

16.  Iron Maiden - The Talisman - My Fav Band every, Love maiden love
nearly everything they have ever done great finishing track.......or is it?

Great selection from my SS, not fair for me to guess who sent it as customs
requires a name and address on all packages so cheers Long live!!  This is
for me what secret santa is all about, giving people some new artists to
look for and find.  Great job mate.


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