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Re: Secret Santa 2011 Review orkstu Fri Feb 03 05:00:19 2012

nice guess....apologies for the hastily arranged artwork et al, glad
the majority tickled your fancy

On Jan 5, 7:38 pm, Steve M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sixteen tracks that cover a variety of styles and includes music from
> many groups that are new to me. Of the bands I’ve heard before or have
> something by there is only one track that I already own.
> 1. Voice of Eujena by Brother Cane
> A gentle start to the disc from a band I’ve never heard of. Very
> enjoyable and worth checking out further.
> 2. Lit Up by Buckcherry
> A band I’ve heard a few times before but never been moved to
> investigate. This track I liked a lot and it’s convinced me that maybe
> it’s time to take a closer look.
> 3. Gonna Raise Hell (live) by Cheap Trick
> A decent track that went on a bit too long for me – just under nine
> and half minutes – good guitar and drum solos that didn’t outstay
> their welcome.
> 4. Watch ‘Em Burn by Joanne Shaw Taylor
> An ok track that I felt would be better shorter as I found it somewhat
> repetitive. May grow on me with repeated listens.
> 5. No Big Thing by Lit
> Another new band to me that I enjoyed. Catchy chorus that has stuck
> with me, making this a group that I’ll be checking out further.
> 6. Elektro Vakuum by Mardugada
> Ok song that didn’t really grab me. I felt it sounded dated and the
> verse vocals brought Mott the Hoople to mind – although I’m not really
> sure why.
> 7. Slut Machine by Monster Magnet
> Good song on first couple of listens but one that I’ve begun to get
> bored by. Monster Magnet have always been a band to listen to in small
> doses to me.
> 8. Tonight the Stars Revolt! by Powerman 5000
> With it’s almost spoken verses and much more aggressive chorus this is
> one of the heavier tracks in the collection. Enjoyed this a lot and
> will be checking them out further.
> 9. Superhero by Reef
> A catchy chorus and an ok song but didn’t do a lot for me.
> 10. 321 by Scorpions
> This is the one song that I already own. A great track from a band
> I’ve been a fan of since I first heard them all those years ago. Great
> heavy sound and a very infectious chorus in typical Scorpions style.
> 11. Out of Tune by Supermarine Spitfire
> Dated sound, particularly the vocals, that didn’t really click with
> me.
> 12. Live Your Life (Down) by Tantric
> A slower paced track that then turns heavier before slowing again,
> from a band new to me, and one that I shall definitely be
> investigating further.
> 13. Hell to La by The Jokers
> With a sound and vocal style that reminded me of Wishbone Ash I’d mark
> this one as good and say I’ll probably be checking them out too.
> 14. Starlite by Young Heart Attack
> Really didn’t do anything for me and is my least liked track on the
> disc.
> 15. Right Where I Belong by 3 Doors Down
> Another band I’d not heard before with a catchy song that means I’ll
> more than likely be checking them out further.
> 16. Crazy or High by Black Label Society
> Even though I do own some of their albums, none have this song on
> them. This is a great track that has me wanting to add to my Black
> Label Society collection.
> With only a couple of songs that didn’t really strike a chord with me
> I’d say my Secret Santa has put together a successful CD that has
> introduced me to a number of new bands that I’m looking forward to
> investigating further. Thanks SS!
> And who do I think my SS is?
> I came to my conclusion by the process of elimination, with three or
> four people to make the final choice from I finally decided to guess
> at Orkstu.
> Steve M :-)

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